June 2018 Classes at St. Michael’s High School, Santa Fe, New Mexico

We began our program Saturday, June 9, with Bro. Donald Mouton’s summary of How to Pray the Our Father. Our people were delighted with the deeper insights that Bro. Don brought to them in four talks/discussions. Jesus taught us the perfect prayer, so we never finish exploring it.

The following week, June 10-15, Fr. Terry Brennan gave a dynamic presentation of Spanish Mystics, and how they inspired the Franciscan missionaries who came to our land, which became the state of New Mexico. He emphasized the teachings of Sr. Maria Agreda, who bi-located to catechize Native Americans in the Southwest. Fr. Terry’s energetic interaction with our participants inspired them to appreciate our heritage, and to delve deeper into it.

Saturday, June 16, was “rained out” partially by rain, and partially by summer camp overflowing parking. So Bro. Donald rescheduled his Handmaid of the Lord talks, on Our Lady, for Monday, June 27, when our folks enjoyed these reflections on Mary, Christ’s mother and ours.

June 17-22, Bro. Brian Dybowski presented the Female Genius, as Developed by St. John Paul II. So many fascinating discoveries fit together that we can’t summarize them. The notes are available here for you to download. Dialog about specific insights enabled our people to probe into John Paul’s deep meditations on God’s gifts to women. Many thinkers took up John Paul’s initiative, and carry on his reverence for women. So we got a lot from the original work that John Paul did, and some from his followers.

Lloyd and Nancy Greenhaw, on June 23, did a deliverance day, helping people from Santa Fe and surrounding towns to overcome anxiety. Our largest crowd enjoyed this presentation, and profited from the practical methods taught. Allowing the Holy Spirit to apply Christ’s saving grace removed anxiety, and helped us cope with our daily difficulties. Lloyd and Nancy taught us to rely on the gifts that Jesus pours upon us, especially His sacraments. Thank God for His merciful help!

Another high-quality summer program has been completed. Glory to God, Who makes them possible.


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