Saint LaSalle’s Prayer Method


St. John Baptist de la Salle Taught Us How

In two evening talks Brother Brian taught Saint LaSalle’s simple way to pray, how to go to God in easy steps. This very effective method has sustained thousands of people for over 300 years.

The LaSallian (Christian) Brothers built the first school system of the New Mexico territory, starting in 1859. They survived hard times by prayer. History attests how effective this process is.

Starting with simple vocal prayers, like the Our Father, Bro. Brian summarizes the LaSallian way to advance step-by-step through various forms of prayer to our ultimate goal: enjoying simple unity with God. For example, LaSalle connects vocal prayers that follow each other naturally, pausing to reflect on parts of them. We do extend these pauses into conversations with God. Once familiar with these short God-talks, LaSalle shows how to expand these conversations for several minutes, leading easily into prolonged personal interaction. LaSalle encourages us to read Scripture prayerfully, extending our reflections, and growing into deeper mediation. He recommends sending heart-felt bursts of loving thanks to God, deepening our thanks into extended recollection of our blessings. All these prayers incline us ever-more toward God, our loving Source and Destiny. LaSalle emphasizes various methods, to keep our prayers fresh and lively. He provides hundreds of simple reviews of God’s gifts, invigorating our prayers with personal events. Bro. Brian will lead you to do the steps.

Bro. Brian’s printed handouts summarize LaSalle’s prayer program.