Scripture – St. Paul’s Epistles

From the Introduction to Brother Brian Dybowski’s Class Notes for Saint Paul:

“St. Paul exceeds every attempt to explain him. He lived large, was super-active, thought profoundly, and loved intensely. He excels all accounts of his accomplishments. His superlatives astound us. When he persecuted the Church, he was the very best persecutor. When he promoted the Church, he was the very best promoter…

Paul so lived Christ that he said: “I live now, not I, but Christ lives in me”, Phl 1:21. His epistles flow from Jesus Christ, by divine love. We will explore these epistles, and Luke’s accounts of Paul’s missions throughout the Roman Empire. Paul reveals himself most completely in his Epistles, which are stormy love letters to his brothers in Christ. Love is exactly what urges him, 2 Cor 5:14. Luke’s account of Paul in Acts fills in many blanks, and provides context. Finally, historical records provide extra-biblical support for Biblical statements. All three of these sources highlight facets of Paul.”

St. Paul Class Notes #1 to #10 address these topics:

El Greco's Saint Paul

El Greco’s Saint Paul

1. Summary of His Life

2-3. Paul’s Love Theme

4-5. Discipleship

6-7. Gifts of the Spirit

8. Healing and Miracles

9-10. Mystical Body of Christ


St Paul Class Notes #11 to #20 address these topics:

11-13. Transformation in Christ

14. Spiritual Graces

15. Practical Applications of Charity

16. Spiritual Epignosis

17. Practical Applications of Charity

18-19. Spiritual Combat

19. The Freedom of the Children of Goc