St. Robert Bellarmine


St. Robert’s sermons were so powerful that people thought he was a huge man. The spiritual force of his personality seemed very muscular, because his sanctity engulfed everyone. He was morally large, even vast. His intellectual ability stretched way beyond his slight height. His holy life radiated profound spiritual knowing and loving. He inspired people because his vibrant soul overcame both his short stature, and his crippling illness. He thrived, not in spite of hardship, but because of it. He grew through disasters that destroyed taller men. He excelled against challenges that crushed stronger men. How did he flourish through exceptionally hard times? Fr. James Broderick’s biography: Robert Bellarmine, Saint and Scholar, reveals his inner strength growing through trials. St. Robert’s book: The Mind’s Ascent to God by the Ladder of Created Things summarizes his superlative spirituality. We learn his keen spirituality by liberally quoting this book.

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