Doctors of the Church

 Doctores Ecclesiae: “Certain ecclesiastical writers have received this title on account of the great advantage the whole Church has derived from their doctrine.” (From The Catholic Encyclopedia at

In recent years, the highlight of the SFIS summer program has been teaching the good  news proclaimed by the Doctors of the Church. By intensive instruction and discussion, participants come to know and love a growing number of the greatest of Catholic saints and teachers.

Here we share with you this teaching as recorded in class notes provided to participants, and videos made of the live presentations. In addition you will find here interviews where presenters discuss the work of a particular Doctor of the Church.  The class notes and videos where available will be found by following the links given in the list below:

Summer of 2017 — St. Robert Bellarmine, Brother Brian Dybowski

Summer of 2016 — St. Francis de Sales, Brother Brian Dybowski

Summer of 2015 — Christ’s Mother is Our Mother Too, Brother Brian Dybowski

Note: The Blessed Virgin Mary is not a Doctor of the Church, but the Queen of Heaven and of All Saints. From Our Lady the Doctors of the Church received inspiration.

Summer of 2014 — St. Francis of Assisi, Brother Brian Dybowski

Summer of 2013  — St. Augustine of Hippo, Brother Brian Dybowski

Summer of 2013 — St. Thérèse of Lisieux, Brother Joseph Schmidt

Summer of 2012 — St. Bonaventure’s Seraphic Spirituality, Brother Brian Dybowski

Summer of 2011 — St. Catherine of Siena’s Love Spirituality, Brother Brian Dybowski

Summer of 2011 — St. Thérèse of Lisieux, Dr. Fran Renda

Summer of 2010 — The Gospel of St. John, God’s Love, Brother Brian Dybowski

Summer of 2009 —  St. Teresa of Avila, Brother Brian Dybowski

Summer of 2008 — St. John of the Cross, Brother Brian Dybowski

Summer of 2007 — Saint Catherine of Siena, see Summer of 2011 above.

Summer of 2006 — St. Thomas Aquinas, Brother Brian Dybowski

Note: At the request of students, in 2012 Brother Brian taught St. Thomas Aquinas again in thirty-five Saturday classes. These classes were based on a college textbook authored by Brother Brian called The Thomistic Synthesis: The Philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas, His Integration of Speculation with Revelation.

Summer of 2005 — St. Thérèse of Lisieux, Brother Brian Dybowski